Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Earlier this week I taught a two day workshop at Art Access. It felt good to share a little bit with these kids. I think making and talking about artwork sometimes creates an environment in which people feel safe to be more personal and express more than maybe they would in other situations.
The kids were so different from each other, from different backgrounds. All of them were so sweet and loving those who were challenged with special needs. That bonded the group as much as making artwork together. It made my heart feel good. In two days I learned enough to care about each one of them.

Teen artwork was refreshing. It had a raw quality to it. The kids didn't seem to be trying to impress each other, but truly just expressing their concerns, challenges and desires. It's different teaching teens and adults. With adults I exchange and I care. With teens I am a teacher and a mother. As a teacher I want to give them tools and a vision of purpose. As a mother I want to nurture and protect.

A few more hours together and it could have been Breakfast Club. Art Access was great, once again.

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