Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yesterday we got a package in the mail. Oh thank you Kate! These are the prettiest dresses ever! We love them!
I put one on right away and headed out to the garden.
Teen kitten was already there! These dresses are way too magnificent for gardening.
They are much better for dancing.
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The Petersons said...

Oh my gosh, Teen Kitten is so amazingly beautiful! She looks like she's going to prom! You better watch out Cas... you've got a hand full there with that blond bombshell.

Anonymous said...

You two are hilarious! Loving the dance moves. Break it down.

Teen kitten certainly has grown. Hot stuff!

Cassandra Barney said...

A note to parents out there... everyone has been telling me that parenting teens is a nightmare and it is, sometimes, but it's also really fun too. They (mine and some) are whitty and entertaining. I keep being delightfully suprized.


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