Saturday, July 12, 2008

Unbelievable. Earwigs are ugly and not so smart, that's obvious. Ew. But why the personal grudge against me? If they only knew what a gentle, nurturing gardener I am. This time they have pushed me too far. They can mess with my sunflowers. They can even mess with my potatoes, even thought it really makes me mad. But messing with my peanuts?! Ooooh...they shouldn't have done that.
I waited until about 1:00a.m. when I knew they would be busy yack'n and snack'n and, armed only with a head lamp, I got to squishing them like the bugs that they are. I left their mangled bodies right there where they fell as a lesson to the others. I think I captured their leader. She was super juicy...and ugly.
I have to admit that I found satisfaction in the fight. And...the rest of the peanuts are alright.
My pumpkins are growing super crazy and big, They grow over a foot a day. It's amazing and the plants are very pretty.
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KathKarol said...

This post made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I do the same thing with mosquitos and spiders! Leave their carcasses as an example so the other ugly spiders know not to come around here anymore. :)


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