Friday, July 11, 2008

Three Seeds (Persephone)
"Before you go," he said, "Eat these."
His palm was rough, black with soot,
and three rubies glittered there, perfect drops
of blood.
He would not meet my round eyes.
I assumed grief and accepted his gift; the hot winds
of deceit had never known my petaled face.
The earth opened above us,
and a golden arm came through
to draw me up.
I closed my mouth, bit down
and felt all my convictions
running down my throat.
I swallowed.

Kate Horowitz

I started this painting in the spring, along with my other Persephone painting. I was inspired by Kate's poem and could paint a whole show around those words if time allowed. The painting originally had a male figure in the background. For some reason I can't put a male and a female figure in the same painting. Hmmm...
It's different in to see it in real life because I used layers of glazing. It gives the painting a luminous quality.
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batty said...

That is a beautiful, haunting painting. Steve said that it's one of his favorites. What a talented gal you are!

mer said...

i LOVE this painting.


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