Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In the tear that ran down her cheek,
there was a reflection of a summer sunset.
Would she have to turn in her garden gown?
She just didn't understand.
She gave them so much love
and doesn't love conquer all?
She visited every afternoon,
gently nurturing her delicate crops
Who would help her?
Where could she find a mushroom ring?
Where were the carebears...anyone?

...and then a night in shining armor
came with flashlight in hand and said,
"darl'n, you've got an infestation of pesky
no-good, earwig varmints."
He slung his flashlight over his shoulder
and got to mak'n a plan.

I'd like to thank Patti for sending me this gardening dress. It's lovely. I don't know if I deserve to wear it but I do think it's divine.
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