Saturday, June 7, 2008

Carla Jimison

Have you ever gone into any one's home where everything they own is so cool that you want to pick up every single thing and look at it and hear a story about it? Carla's house is like that. Everything has a story and everything is so super cool.
Carla is a lovely, gracious person. She's good at everything she does which is making... everything. When I see her I get excited about working on new projects. She's also super generous. I remember that from way back from when I first met her. She shared ideas and sources and herself, teaching Dan and me things that some people might keep secret for themselves.

Carla is accomplished in many art mediums. I've admired the artwork pictured below every time I've seen it. She is currently teaching in the art department at BYU Idaho, mostly printmaking. The proof of her success and influence as a teacher was apparent in the amount of students who showed up to our show and to her home the next day.
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