Friday, May 23, 2008

So many things

I'm very sleepy, but I am in the studio painting. These last few days of school for the kittens seem to involve parents every single day. It's fun to be a part of their world but I also feel like I should be getting a break to get some work done before they move back into the studio for the summer. It's also hard to go to bed when I'm singing with duets with Kazz. I love wearing my butterfly outfit and my pink hair to ROCK on the Wii karaoke. That Dan Barney and I will perfect our Bohemian Rhapsody duet. I get so excited during that song that instead of dancing I sort of start sprinting in place. I don't like singing Copacabana because that song makes me so sad. That poor old lady all alone in her faded flowers. Wii Fit is our other fun new game for rainy days.

Dan Barney was asked to speak at my middle kitten's sixth grade graduation. I teared up at his inspiring/entertaining speech. I'm such a fan of him, his ambitions, and his willingness to share all of it. After the ceremony a little group of kids came up to congratulate him on...his jeans mostly. "Hey thanks for speaking and I like your jeans." I held it together until we slipped out and then I laughed so hard. Kids.

I've mostly figured out what I will be trying to accomplish in the studio the summer. I'm starting on a piece for the Tree of Life show this fall. I'll write more about my idea on the blog that will document this series with my dad and sister. I wanted to do a painting that incorporates the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. This painting is bigger than it looks in the photo and there are a lot of compositional challenges to work out. So far it's felt really good to get lost in the detail of all the fruit...even if I am a little sleepy.
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Nicholas said...

Wow! That painting looks amazing! And I love that it's almost bigger than you! I think I need to go buy some plums...

You must have cool schools in your half of the country. We never had graduation speakers when I was in middle school.

Cassandra Barney said...

That painting is 3' X 2'. It's big but what's even bigger is the painting is 5'X 3'. The panel was just delivered and I had to totally clean and reorganize the studio so the panel wasn't a monster presence.
Cool schools, I didn't have a 6th grade grad either.

Enjoy your plums and read the poem Kate Horowitz wrote about them on her blog.

Have a good day, C

PS I'll be back in Ohio in November

Nasty Butler said...

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that when I first met Dan Barney, I thought he was a student. And I remember thinking he had excellent taste in clothing, particularly in the jeans department.

Kat said...

I wanna hear the six grade graduation speech...think he could give it for the fam?!

Cassandra Barney said...

Dan will not be re-enacting the grad speach but he will show you his hot, skinny jeans.
Ya, he still looks like a student. I have to work really hard not to look like his mother.



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