Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pins, pins and more pins

Curse those Vistaunets. First they taught me how to make paper flowers. Now they got me started making pins. Pins that are a wee bit over the top...for some people.

The photo above displays my 'evil eye' collection. The photo below displays pins that I didn't actually make.

It happened at about 11:30p.m. last night. I was so high on little plastic people and glue gun fumes that I didn't realise how late it was. Dan Barney came into the studio and just sort of quietly stared at my little creations. He was probably amazed at all the beautiful treasures filling every surface of the studio. I asked him if he wanted to make one and he declined saying that this was "a total Corky craft." Then I tricked him, asking him to just glue one little deer onto a lovely flower petal and that's all it took. Pretty soon he was spray painting mermaids black and gluing gold glitter butterflies and fancy pink flowers. He has flare for sure. (see photo below)

Now the biggest problem is deciding which pin to wear. I tried on about ten this morning and ended up rotating between three during the day.
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Anonymous said...

Nice designs, Cassandra! I wonder if your friend could also make flamenco hair things, too!

batty said...

Ha ha ha (evil laugh voice). I KNEW we could get Dan! What is it with the flower fetish? I think we have issues coz I have so many other things to do and all we're doing is pins and magnets...what is wrong with us...well, nothing really - just flowers on the brain!

chiggy said...

I love the pins!!! You go Dan!!!

Laura A said...

I once participated in a "world wide" pin exchange, where everyone that signed up had to make a flower pin of some sort, and the organizer, who is a blogger in China, took names of participants and assigned them trading partners. It was really fun. I KNIT one, of course, and I received a beautiful sewn fabric flower pin from Hawaii.

Something to think about.


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