Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Garden Report

Cassie Cassie, not very contrary, how does your garden grow? Well? I can't really finish that verse yet because there aren't sliver bells or anything in a row. I'll have to get back to that in July.

Potato's are a fancy version of potatoes. According to my garden manual, the potato plants are almost ready to cover. I'm very excited about that. If I were a scientist I would totally be an inventor of growth hormones because this process is taking very long. Maybe I should go pour caffeinated beverages over the plants. Maybe I should feed them some sugar too. That always makes me hyper. I suppose hyper and growing are different. I'm short and hyper. That doesn't have anything to do with growing. Hmmm....

Before anyone compliments me on the green flourishing section of garden in the photo below, I just have to say right off that it's not mine. It's Dan Barney's herb garden. He's very magical with his skills.

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pamo said...

i might come raid dan b.'s herb garden tonight. our dinner REALLY could have used some fresh oregano.

and why is it every time i see a picture of you i have to think "i wish so much i could wear that, or have my hair like that...or wear that necklace". but it just wouldn't work on me, because i'm not you! darn.

serious, tell dan to watch the garden.

JethRobyn said...

I'm glad to see your posts about the garden. It makes me realize I'm not the only impatient one when it comes to gardening. We planted our garden on Saturday. It is so fun to plan out where things will go. I'm glad I had my Dad there to help me. I keep going on and checking everything to see if anything has grown or even changed. Besides the ever creeping in morning glory, nothing has moved. But I can confidently say, in about two-three months, you guys are invited over for some chips and fresh homegrown salsa!

Laura A said...

That garden looks fantastic. Every time I've tried to grow something outside, the only thing that succeeds are the weeds.

Nasty Butler said...

Get out the Miracle Gro. It's appropriately named.


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