Thursday, May 15, 2008

400 Plates

Tonight was the first time I've attended the Plates Fundraiser at Art Access. Because this event is so popular and Salt Lake's art patrons are willing to fight for artwork, sale of the plates is now conducted in a more docile, organized manner. First, patrons have one hour to make a map of which artworks they are interested in so they can get right to it. Next they wait for their name to be drawn ($25 for each name) then they can pick one artwork and buy it right then. It's pretty fast and exciting. I watched Kim Brown (lower left hand corner in the photo above) ring her pretty hands and try not to pass out waiting for her name to be called. Dan Barney was one of the first called and he purchased a Mark England painting (photo above Kim). While I waited for my name to be called I got to visit with some collectors who gave my ego a big boost. I'm trying to live what Maya Angelou said, "Don't pick it up and don't put it down." That's hard when people are saying really nice things and when just a few minutes after the sale starts, someone comes in to tell me that my paintings are all sold.
My name was finally called and I bought one I'd had my eye on, by Jason Jones (middle photo). A pink airplane and rainbow...nice! My sister Em also sold all of hers by the time I got in there. My dad had one piece that people could bid on. Waiting in line to pay, this nice couple showed me that they were buying two of mine. It was all very exciting. Thanks to all of the really nice people!

I gessoed my panels today. I like the prep work. It's sort of like I put work into the panel, building a caring, tactile relationship with the surface. That sounds a little strange but if I just painted on whatever I might not approach painting on it with that little bit if reverence.
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I Am said...

Funny, yesterday after I left my comment on your blog about creative people being possesive and precious about the term "Art", Sienna's teacher asked me to oversee a painting that Sienna and a classmate are doing for a local show. She said it would be good if I would "watch them and make sure they don't paint purple trees". I said, "I think you have the wrong person if you want me to do that." I heard myself saying defensively, "It's Art!". It bothered me all day that teacher, wanting me to tell them to paint green trees. I guess Art is painting it how you feel it, why do so many teachers try to wring the creativity out of children....big sigh! Out "Plein air" painting today, I'm sunburnt, tired and I smell like paint....I love that!

Kat said...

I love the 400 plates idea...what a cool way to get some great art.

Nigel said...

I didn't go this year, but I've been to the plate show before. It's always very cool. Hundreds if pieces by dozens of artists (all with different styles)in one small space/show. It's the local show that I dream of being in. Alas, I guess I'm not cool enough to be invited. Your paintings turned out nicely.

Hey, I stumbled on a website/blog you'll probably. It's all about paintings of women done in every time period and style imaginable. Today a learned about a scottish/female/pre-raphaelite I'd never heard of. Anyway, go to:

While at this blog, I ran across some painters you (and your sister)might relate to. It's always interesting when you find people doing similar things in different parts of the world, apparently unaware of each other. Anyway, they are:
1. Steven Kenny
2. Maggie Taylor
3. Andrey Remnev
You could google them or look at them on the printwomen blog.

Cassandra Barney said...

Thanks Nigel. I'll look them up. I'm always excited to find new stuff.

Thanks Kat!

A- I admire your Plein air skills. I really would like to be better at it.
You should have mussed that teachers hair and slipped something mind expanding into her tea. Ya!


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