Friday, April 25, 2008

I planted my peas. I'm a little late I know but it's taken quite a lot of time to get this garden past three years of neglect. I am enjoying it so much, this gardening thing. It all is very romantic...well it was until I saw the tan line that I have across my very lower back and I realized that I've turned into one of those gardening women whose backside is in view of the neighborhood...awkward! I wish I would have kept my overalls from 1994? Overalls are a good idea.

I've been working into the night, every night, on this last painting for my show, She Dreamed in Verse and Rhyme. The show is next weekend, May 2,3,4, in Cannon Beach, Oregon. I finished and shipped all of the paintings except this one. I should just let it go and be happy with the other paintings but...I really want to solve it and I'm not being satisfied with acceptable, I want it to be stunning. There is/will be more about that on my other blog.

I have taken a little time out to play with some of my artist friends. We previewed the Spring Salon at The Springville Museum of Art, last night. It was good to discuss the artwork and our careers.
I really wanted to be in the show?!
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Sharal said...

I'm so jealous that you're going to Cannon Beach. I haven't been back to Oregon for a few years. I grew up to the ripe age of 12 with the infamous Dan Barney. We were even baptised together. I just wanted to say hi and I read your blog. Your artwork is wonderful and fun.


Jenae Green said...

I can't wait to see the show. Is there a painting that you're still thinking about? Who are the artists in the picture?

Deanna said...

I'll have to drive by more to catch you out there and give you a construction worker hollar at your backside.

Carrie said...

My husband and I are so excited about your Cannon Beach show! Unfortunately we can't stay long due to a third birthday party we must attend. I can't wait to re-meet you.
Carrie F.

chiggy said...

You are too cute on display at the Museum. I wish you were still there so I could come and see you!!!


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