Friday, February 15, 2008

This is a shout out to Kari and Cambria

I'm wondering if Kari Christensen and Cambria Evans Christensen are actually real people. How can anyone accomplish so much? Maybe secretly they employ the shoe maker's little elves during the night to finish their work. That might be it or maybe they are bionic. Just check their blog They always are working on some super cool projects. Cambria has her second children's book coming out this fall, Bone Soup. We read it tonight and loved the illustrations, especially the zombie baby.
I actually thought their Wii, Cooking Mama techniques were almost as good as the book and conversation. They were expert at the fancy dance moves.
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mer said...

too fun. so were they in UT? can't wait until we can all meet up and catch up.

The Petersons said...

Hey Cas! It's me, Kari from "Musings with hopefully no Bruisings." Chandra showed me your blog as I am computer-ly challenged! Loved it! I wish I lived by you. You tickle my mind. Thank you for the paper flowers, I chose the orange and pink! It's so awesome to have something your hands created in MY hands! Running out of time, love you! Love, Kari :-)


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