Thursday, February 28, 2008


This is what artist friends do to artist friend's artwork when they think no one is watching. If only the photo could capture the shiny red tip on that sculpture piece. I couldn't help it. Thank you Anne Goodrich for providing this treat.

This is Max Esplin. He's an ambitious art student, manager of my band and he was the curator of The Alphabet Show. I heard today that he is the first student to execute a show of this stature ever in the B.F. Larsen Gallery. I have high hopes for Max. He's ambitious AND he made that cool scarf he is wearing.
That Dan Barney....he's so brilliant.
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batty said...

You're right - Dan Barney is so brilliant, and so are you. What a pair! Hopefully we'll see you friday!

Crystal said...

i love scratch and sniff and taste art... what is the hidden quote in Dan Barney's artwork?

JethRobyn said...

How did the artwork taste? I could use your expert opinion on my latest blog, if you are interested. Is that show still up with Dan and your art?

jennie said...

How long is the ABC show going? I really want to see it.


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