Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I just finished proofing my newest edition of prints with the Greenwich Workshop. I have to admit that I was skeptical about doing prints this size but they look so good. The color is amazing. Even my teen-kitten, who has a no art in her room policy, wanted to hang the proofs up. No art in her room...ha!
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Kat Fuller said...

Love love love love your new prints. Happy Valentine's Day - is that enough love for ya? And thanks for your comments...this is really quite fun!

emily said...

Happy Valentine's day!!!


I love these new prints, I want them all. And I love your beautiful drawings. I try to remember the decade between us when I get green at how cool you are! Love ya!!

JethRobyn said...

I keep saying this, but, THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! I really am loving your blog. It is making me want to be all creative, and painty! I don't think that is a real word! Anyways, I love them, Happy Valentines Day!

Janet said...

Beautiful....(I especially like the titles (#1,#2,#3,#4!)Leaving so much to the imagination! Truly, my first impulsive impression was...I want to fly through those colors....really bad, then I'd return to apologize to the beautiful ladies I'd just rudely disturbed. I do like how you've grouped your lady friends together. I don't feel very creative at the moment, but I'd like you to read me their story, you know the one in your beautifully bound bedtime book?
Love your Blog! ( and you too!) Janet

P.S. Do you remember what happened to another Artist,(i.e. My sister) who tried casting aside her work, in of all places a cardboard box deep in the basement(as if I couldn't find it!) Or the poet??? (momentary narcolepsy) whose sister found and published her writings after she was dead? Beauty is not meant for hiding...HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

The Petersons said...

We got our flowers today, perfect timing. I put a tribute to you on my blog.Love you!

pamo said...

those are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Laura A said...

Prints? I thought they were canvas. Is Greenwich doing both?

So, when I saw that they were being offered as limited editions right after Christmas I literally teared up. It surprised me. Nate and I discussed buying them, but couldn't decide on how many to spring for. I told him that I simply couldn't live without Minerva, and that acquiring her wasn't negotiable :-). He agreed. Then, later, when I wanted to discuss buying them again, he got all cryptic and mysterious. So, I'm just waiting to see what arrives!

I can't wait.


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