Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yesterday was the last of this season's least until this weekend's Twelfth Night Party. Dan Barney caught up with his old wife yesterday in turning 40. He sure doesn't look 40. There were a lot of handsome boys at his party (whom I enjoyed spending time with) but none so very handsome as Dan Barney. I don't even know as many people as were at his birthday party. It was super fun. I bought him, among other things, a Mod Trek so that we can ride together. We busted down the driveway at lunch today and took'm for a spin. It's a blast. Happy Birthday DTB!!! Forty is feel'n pretty good.

Last night and today I felt like I could fill my lungs with air again. It was nice to have the house quiet today. I've been painting every night until around 2:00a.m., which is uncharacteristic of me. I'm usually an early riser but nighttime was the only time I could let my mind swim and paint without interruption. I have been doing work I feel good about which I will post soon. My show at Coda in Park City is a week from tomorrow and, oh my, the paintings are awfully wet. I don't feel like I'm rushing, it feels just right. These paintings came easily. They are so me. Looking back, I have spent the last few months with too much struggle, too much reconstructing of what I was trying to accomplish. I was forcing it. I've had to completely re-write my artist statement. What happened these past few weeks is that I was able to let go of trying so hard and just let the paintings speak for themselves. I didn't exercise so much control, I worked from that other place inside of me that just is. I didn't even know what the paintings were really about until just the other day.
...back to work.
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Gritty Pretty said...

first of all, you are adorable.
secondly, i now know what it feels like to want someone to know so much that i LOVE them so show up at their party and peek in the door but don't stay because we've just been loading bales of straw into a truck and feel like country hicks at a party of the beautiful people.
xo! happy birthday to dan again!


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