Friday, January 4, 2008

I've been working as many hours in the studio as I did when I was in school. Sometimes it just works out...nobody is ill, no pressing projects outside of the studio, no business that can't be dealt with next week, and I'm not even tired at night. It's been very fulfilling.
When I was a young little punk'n, this is how I pictured my life as an artist. Working furiously...or quietly, feeling that magic, painting from my heart, and swimming in the smells of oils and turp. I didn't realise back in those delusional days how much effort it requires to make a living at it. I'm not complaining, I'm just still sometimes surprised.
I have the heating cranked in the studio and everything I can fit under lights, speed drying. I was wondering today what would happen if I put paintings in the oven. It would probably create fatal fumes and that's probably not a good idea.
This painting is interesting. I know what my original idea was, but it's changing as I work. For anyone who cares to comment, what do you think the red ribbons tying the two figures together symbolize?
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Gritty Pretty said...

hmmm...what would the owl say?

i really like this painting!

Jenae Green said...

Red is about deep connection and grounding. (If someone wants to feel more grounded to the earth they can wear red shoes.) For me the ribbon symbolizes a deep connection between the two. And, because of the red heart, it speaks of love.

Stacey Rae Holland said...

random question. My name is Stacey Holland and I'm friends with Nicole Carman (that's how I found your blog) and i absolutely love your work and think you are so talented. I am a clothing designer and i am trying to start my own line. I am a horrible artist and was wondering if you would be at all interested to do some rendorings for me. I would pay you well to sit with me while i dish out my clothing ideas for you to recreate on paper. This might be totally not what you want to do so no worries on hurting my feelings if you say no. Let me know. You can leave a comment on my blog or email me at Thanks.

Laura A said...

I'd say a mother to daughter? It's lovely.

sadie joy said...

what i take away from the painting is that the two women who are likely family are mourning the loss of a loved one. the red ribbon represents the love that binds us the ends of the ribbon dangle free maybe in awareness of something lost. the heart on the womens chest can represent the heaviness of a pained heart. the owl represents the knowledge and mystery of the life after death. the little bird pearched on the womens shoulder is a messanger of love or a reminder of it. the botanicals they walk past could be symbolic of the beauty that can come from a great tragedy if only your willing to look around and discover it. random speculation but i guess thats what i love about art, with one image it can tell a thousand stories. this painting is beautiful.


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