Thursday, January 31, 2008

A comment was submitted to the blog entry below, asking where the male figures were that I had talked about painting. Funny you should ask, W in Tulsa, because arlier this week I had intended to keep plugging along a couple of involved compositions that I had already started, when these ideas just started coming and I couldn't resist. If I were an art historian writing about Cassandra Barney, I would have a lot to say about these paintings. Hmmm... I'm not finished yet but I need to put them away for a couple of days so that I can take a fresh look and see what I need to fix and change. I know the ears on the doe need to be bigger. I've been working for so many hours that I can't see anything at the moment.

I'm curious if there would be a market for these paintings. That's not my motivation but I'm just not sure how well recieved these semi-androgynous narrative portraits would be. The color in both paintings is pretty nice, almost lickable. It's a good thing I dragged myself out of the studio before I started snacking on paint. I could happen.

I'm thrilled to be thriving on art all through the daylight and the dark-of-night hours, only to go off and snatch too few hours of rest, dreaming of the art I want to challenge me tomorrow.
Dyan Law
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Nicholas said...

There is something so different about the two of these pieces, something with such a natural beauty. I need to go back to your previous blog entries and study your symbols...Love it.

Thank you for expressing your talents.

pamo said...

don't you love dreaming of art? i love it. i love feasting on your work via the blog.

Kristin said...

me likes the mens.

Laura A said...

Well, I'd never lick a picture of a cat as I absolutely loathe them, (cats), but your leaves are truly delicious. And I'm really digging the first guy's hair.


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