Saturday, January 12, 2008

Coda, Park City

Last night's show was super. Thank you to everybody who traveled on icy roads to be there. It's all a blur to me because I get so excited and then all that adrenaline makes my head spin. I get gushy about all these people that I love being in one place and I can't seem to gush and think at the same time. I just keep wanting to hug everybody.
I wish that I could have had time with each person to talk about the paintings and what they mean and then go out to dinner and talk about life and everything else. I also wish I had more photos. I'd like to post some good people that I forgot to take pictures of.
Maybe next year I'll have a show in the fall when bad roads aren't an issue!!! I'll let you know.
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batty said...

Thanks so much for having such a great reason to go to Park City! What a great show. You are an inspiration to many of us. Much love!


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