Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Another Ending and Beginning

All of Christmas packed back up leaving the house feeling lighter and cleaner.
Big wheel races (Trek Mods actually) at Brandon and Spike's. Below freezing temperatures make good ice to spin out in.

A little dramatic performance with the snow people at my parent's house.
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Laura A said...

Happy New Year, Cassandra!

We had the most excellent party with 5 families and all their kiddos. It was loud. Everyone but my little Clark made it to midnight, and only one person puked on the way out, which was funny, since there wasn't a drop of liquor in sight.

My Christmas stuff won't come down 'til the little ladies are back in school, but I'm very anxious for that clean and tidy feeling.

Lisa said...

Hey, are you wearing your tree skirt in those Christmas pictures? Happy New Year. Isn't it wonderful to pack up everything and get back to life? Hopefully we don't pack up the peace and love and we've felt though.


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