Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Very Merry Christmas

Our Christmas this year was especially peaceful and lovely. Part of that was due to the fact that we were in our own house and could take it at our own pace. It's nice to be home. After all the stress of finishing the gifts we made and all the fun of parties and family traditions, it was the best to be with my little family and snug and warm in new Christmas pajamas, tucking my sleepy, excited kittens into bed. But let me get to the very best part of present!!!
Dan Barney spent the greater part of Christmas Eve day all sneaking, pulling something together. I admittedly had a hard time sleeping Christmas Eve just like when I was a kid. I dreamed that he bought me a mind reading helmet that was so heavy that I could barely keep from toppling over when I was wearing it and I didn't even want to read people's minds. I'm so glad that he didn't really get me one of those because my new Trek Mod is the best present ever. I came down the stairs and there it was, glowing under the tree with my name on it. I skidded around the house scratching up the wood floors so happy that I couldn't even stand it. If it wasn't night time and really cold outside I'd be on it right now. It's sort of like a pimped big wheel that can drift just like on my favorite movie, Tokyo Drift. I love it Dan Barney!!! Even my dad practiced skidding out. I only rolled it once. Eeeek!!! I hope it's not snowing tomorrow.
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Nigel said...

I especially like the picture of little Jimmy rollin' with the homies.

Laura A said...

That looks like a basket of knitting needles in front of the fire! Mmmmmmm?


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