Saturday, December 8, 2007

A test, does it remember? This token in my hand, I feel it, it's cold. It's not an image that floats in my mind, not an image but a feeling,
like a little ripple through my veins to my heart.
(sketchbook notes)

At a lecture I attended with my class this week, the concept of object memory was again addressed. Strange how that happens. Hearing someone else voice a thought similar to mine gives it validation.

I have enjoyed attending a series of lectures with my class at BYU this semester. Some of them have caused me to reflect on my own career and artwork. Many of these lectures have made me grateful for the success that I had in my own career. I enjoy the energy of the students I've gotten to work with. But...
I really enjoy more than anything the time that I've spent this year with the first graders. I've been going in to teach little art lessons and I LOVE IT! Those little darlings are beautiful, open, happy and sweet. Their artwork is fabulous and I am filled with warmth every time I leave that classroom. The little ones hug me so tight and tell me it's their favorite thing when I come in. They are so super excited to share random information as well as every bit of the artwork they do while I'm there. It's also nice that I don't have to be there, I just get to. It's a little gift in my week.
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