Sunday, December 23, 2007

I was my mother this morning demanding that everyone share my vision and excitement and cooperate for family photos in our Sunday Christmas garb. I remember some really spiffy matching dresses that my mother made for us and I'd post the pictures but I'm shy about sharing photos of me with a bi-level hairdo and a prairie burgundy drop waist bad idea outfit. Wow that memory makes me wearing my tree skirt seem not so strange.
My treeskirt skirt became such a novelty around to neighborhood that I asked Dan to make the girls tree skirts. They were so fabulous.
What my kids heard until they finally just couldn't muster even one more creative idea from their demanding mother:"Okay you guys...just one more...try this!" "Okay you guys...that didn't work...just one more...let's try this."
My dear, Dan Barney, is a very patient man. I started several projects that he ended up spending many hours finishing. I get a little over ambitious at the beginning of the holiday and then overwhelmed at my own expectations. It happens every year. I'm trying to learn to accept that I can't do everything that I'd like to do. The thing is...I want to make every gift special and meaningful. I want that plus lots of extra time to sit beneath the Christmas lights and cuddle with my babies. Plus I want to be all super saintly and give to others in need. But with all of that said, we just wrapped the last present and it's time to enjoy it all. Happy Christmas...definitely.
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Laura A said...

A very, very happy Christmas to you and your family with love.

Bronwyn, said...

Dan Barney's good looking as well as patient.

Zoe said...

I love this picture!! Your husband looks like he is out of "Zoolander"! LOL!

Okay, so, I just love reading your blog/viewing your artwork and feeling the emotion with you in some of your posts! You are seriously a hero of mine!! :) I posted on Lisa's blog that I cannot believe that she knows you. I have decided to get over my intimidation and quiet lurking and actually post a comment!! He he!


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