Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This is my first completed painting in this next series of work which will mostly be in my show in Park City at Coda Gallery, opening January 11. The subject combines some of my thoughts about Diana, goddess of the moon, and musings on the subject of love. Those two elements go well together. Love is a strong emotion, perhaps the strongest, and the moon/Diana seems to be the operator of the floodgate of that passion and emotion. I think the title will be something like, It was her Heart that He Loved. The figs tied into her hair denote prosperity and success in love. She is draped in a goddess like gown with her delicate hand is placed over her heart. Love is a subject that evolves for me and I will probably be sifting though it forever, never fully understanding. The thoughts that drove me to paint this piece were not anything new or brilliant. I was just thinking how if a person truly loves another person, what they really love is simply the other person's heart. It isn't that she looks like honey or is as sweet to boot. It isn't conquering the's simply her(his) heart. I do think that's it...a true love.
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~Rebecca Anne~ said...

The topic of love may not be new, but it really is the universal connection we all share. Which makes it brilliant~~

Always admiring,
Always connecting,


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