Thursday, November 15, 2007

There were some PTA mom's that were shak'n in their Dansco clogs as the Barney girls handed in their Reflections entries this year. I can just see some of those ladies, unloading their feelings of resentment as they were having their acrylics filled, " Oh, how I wish those Barney girls would have stayed in Canada a while longer to give my kids a fighting chance to win a reflections trophy!"

Reflections is a national art contest sponsored by the PTA. This year's theme was, "I can make a difference by..."

My girls love it and WE DOMINATE. We've got a nice collection of trophies and...if I may brag, both of my older daughters have received awards at a national level. Fun! but alas, this wasn't our year. First of all, our entries in photography were mistakenly disqualified. Unfortunately the judges were not familiar with cyanotypes and didn't recognize them as photographs at all. They were very gracious and apologetic about it and I rather enjoyed the fiasco. Then there was the 3D category...

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so said...

hi there CB
thanks for the comment on our blog
i look at your blog too
but my comments are few
your work is looking strong as ever
how is utah treating you?
i bet you miss canada
after hearing about your adventures i want to go to Canada too.
best to you, db and the girls
your brother


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