Sunday, November 11, 2007

Little Birds

I was taking stock of what artwork I have where and I came across this painting that is at least a year old. I can't believe this piece hasn't sold. I think it's so lovely. I really like the color and the rest of the formal elements, as well. The idea for the painting came from a song about a red chair, but I made it my own. I like the way the figure is slumped, comfortable and quiet in her pink slip. There is something about the way she is looking directly at the viewer. It's that thing in her eyes that draws the viewer in...what is it? That feeling, I feel it. I don't really know what words to use because it's something the viewer might experience but not necessarily talk about. It's what I think makes it art. It has everything that I think makes a painting of mine successful just never know. There is no formula and what I like isn't what everyone likes and I guess that's a good thing.
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Jennifer said...

I can't understand why it hasn't sold either! I missed your Canyon Gallery show and MerriDawn just called to give the the scoop of how it went. I had to be in Dallas for my son's fencing competion, but I'm so glad you came to Utah and I can't wait to see the pieces that you left. Thank you for signing mine and just know that I love your work. I'm a huge collector and my goal is to purchase a few original pieces in the near future. Thank you for giving me great reasons to love what hangs on the walls of my home!

cassandra said...

Thank you so much for all of that. It's motivating.
Catch you next time, C


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