Thursday, November 15, 2007

Accompanying this delightful felted piece was a hand-written (first grade style) statement about being friends with all kinds of people. It definitely deserved it's trophy. This trophy is my littlest one's first and she has treated it like a little pet, talking to it and feeding it.

This clever, recycled bangle was unfortunately disqualified do to the fact that it displayed a 'name brand'. Lucky me that I get to wear it.

Most Importantly
It's a good feeling to see my little ones enjoy what I enjoy and even get a bit of recognition for it. I think a little competition is good to fuel the fire. I don't push but I do encourage and I, unlike other moms that I know of, do not interfere with my children's artistic endeavours. The joy and fulfillment is in the process not in the outcome. I still feel that way about my own work. We are so lucky to have art as an integral part of our lives. It enables us to spend quality time together, playing exploring and making connections.

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