Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Rest of the Story

After I had played Cindy Sherman for a while, I move my energy to the front yard. I usually keep the outside decorations to a bare minimum but that might be because it's usually cold outside this time of year...and usually I don't eat quite that much candy. I put out lights and spiders and that sort of thing. I sent Dan a text that read, "I'm not sure we own enough extension cords for the project I'm working on." That sure made him nervous even though I was mostly kidding. When he came home he gave me a wrapped present...and mermaid witch. I love it. He's so very sweet.
After the children's parade at the school and some more candy, we went over to the old folks home to bring plastic spider rings and treats. That's a picture of Daisy who loves us. My grandpa teared up. overflowing with love and held my hand for a long time. My mom went over about an hour later and asked if we had visited and he said "no." He didn't remember but he was wearing his super cool spider ring.
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