Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Shout Out to Anne Goodrich

Anne visiting the Barneys in Vancouver

Upon entering the Barney home, one of the first questions we expect in regard to our art collection is "what are those oddly beautiful pod forms hanging in the entry?" They are ceramic sculptures created by Anne Goodrich, ceramic artist who is currently teaching in Oregon.
We are fortunate to have several of her pieces in our collection. The picture below is our most recent acquisition. I don't have a title for it. I've spent quite a while turning it and looking at it. I do love the color. Pinks and reds together appeal to me. I also think the texture choices are marvelous. My favorite part though, is the fleshy quality juxtaposed with the slick spikes. I sort of feel like I have to sterilize my hands before touching it. It feels like something precious maybe taken from inside a living form.
Thank you Anne for the present and the excuse to have a party. I so enjoy good food, good friends and talk'n art smack. We look forward to having you here next summer.
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I am said...

I love the sculpture,so fleshy and alive. I also love your boots--I want some.
Cass, have you heard of the power of now by Eckhart Tolle? Anything by him defies description--check him out.

pamo said...

i am wondering two things (mostly to myself). one, could i possibly pull off that many necklaces? they look GREAT on you. i never wear any jewelry at all. maybe i'll start with one and slowly build up. such a great look. second, the picture with you and anne at the top....could you like take it into photoshop and disect your outfit for me? i really wish i could pull that off!!!! i mean, if i copy your look, it's ok right?


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