Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A room of One's Own

I spent yesterday working on my studio. I felt little indulgent, seeing as how my little kitten's rooms are still in boxes. I already love the studio so much that I get a goofy excited feeling in my tummy even peeking through the door. If I didn't have a family, I think I'd put my bed and a diet coke dispenser in there and never come out.
The tile that Dan laid looks really good. The skylights and northern windows give it really nice light. It even has a fire place whose other side opens to the family room. The windows face the backyard where my little girls were on the patio stringing beads and playing happily as I worked all afternoon.
My dad worked in this studio for years, then my husband, now me. It has a history of success. I still think of it as a sacred space. As a kid, I remember tapping lightly on the door, knowing that my dad was doing something special and important in that room. I remember sitting on the steps in the doorway talking with him about serious issues, spending time, just him and me. I also remember that in between stints of tedious work, he's stand up and pull his b.b. gun out of the drawer and shoot at targets he'd made around the room. It was a magical place (I want to say something about floating fish and fairies but I can't do it.)
One of my favorite books ever is, A Room of One's Own by, Virginia Wolfe. For me it is important to have a space to work in, a space that I can share with my girls and feel comfortable in. I know it's not necessary, Magritte worked everyday painting at his kitchen table and then put his things away every night before dinner, but I do better with a safe place to be feel and think in, a womb for incubating thoughts.
This studio feels very grown-up to me. As a kid with a more bohemian attitude, my studios were always filled with the worst furniture and pretty messy. Now I'm aiming for an elegant/comfortable space that is clean and filled with thing that inspire me. It's getting there. Now I just need our moving truck to come so that I can actually have my desk and chair and other necessary items.
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pamo said...

How cool is this? Your house looks amazing. I love the studio. There must be a serious creative vibe in there.

Laura A said...

Neat! Gorgeous room! I can't wait to see what you start creating.

Teresa said...

It must be a blessed room, I can see a reflection of a cross coming from your light fixture. Very cool.


~Rebecca Anne~ said...

That looks like an amazing studio space to create in. I have to agree with Virginia Woolf, we do need a space of our own. Even if it's a space the size of a closet!

I'm sure it will all come together for you soon enough and perhaps you'll even catch glimpses of those fairies and fish your Dad likes to paint from time to time~

dana said...

remember eliza doolittle singing "all i want is a room somewhere." i agree totally. i just got serious about my studio this spring and know there will always have to be one, wherever i am!


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