Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The life I just left in Vancouver is already feeling like a story I read rather than the reality I lived in for two years. The comparisons are fading and we are settling into our new routines in this suburban environment. There are two differences I still notice though...sounds and the colors. The sounds are different outside here. The crickets are very loud at night and the birds are noisy in the morning. I also keep hearing trains. Even more noticeable, the light is different. The sun is bright and sharp, making everything crisper. The sunsets are stunning. The clouds are higher and it's just a different set of colors, a warmer palette.
The rain in Vancouver brought beauty, all of that green, and that moody feeling. It had a different energy. I don't feel the same in the desert. I think that it's where I feel the best though, I am a desert girl.
I just now realized something...we just painted the inside of our entire house a nice, slightly warm grey...Vancouver grey...weird! I brought a little of that rain home with me after all. Huh! AND...we bought green furniture. That's crazy...I gotta run tell Dan!
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Laura A said...

I lived in Central Oregon for the last year and a half of high school before marrying Nate and moving back to Seattle, which is where I've spent most of my life.

When we go back to the high desert to visit, it does pull at my soul a bit. I once tried to bring home a sage brush, so I could smell it whenever I wanted. For me, the smell of the high desert is what makes me feel "home" when I'm there. I absolutely love the smell.


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