Sunday, August 5, 2007

Feeling Time

I had a great amount of reservation about moving to Utah. I loved my Vancouver life. I loved who I was there. The anonymity gave me freedom.
But tonight, as I ironed, during that time when the sun sets and I feel everything...I was happy. I am happy to be here, right now, sharing it with the people whom I am with. Our home seems different, fresher, a beautiful safe place to be. I didn't know I had this quiet inside of me. I didn't know I liked quiet. It's nice.
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~Rebecca Anne~ said...

Welcome back home. I've been reading your journal for some time now (thanks to an email I signed up for you!) and thought maybe it was time to speak up...or write up.

Many a great writers have spent countless hours reflecting on the power of 'coming home' and I do believe you are feeling just that. Enjoy it, enjoy your new chapter and I for one can't wait to see more paintings coming from the Utah homebase.

Take care,

cassandra said...

Hey thanks...nice to hear a comment back. Are you in Utah too?


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