Thursday, August 9, 2007

Alright...I wasn't exactly the star. I was just a very minor player but I got to share my part with some fabulous people. Chris Cutri was the director of this production. You can see is blog at He called and asked if we'd come and help him out...little did he know that it was quite a treat to have a little distraction from the moving in chores.
I'll admit that I pictured him handling this event with a bit more drama. He stayed so cool, gently and gracefully moving the production along.

Also I got the added bonus of spending my morning with my fabulous, beautiful friend, Raquel Callis. Her blog can be found at She and her daring husband Oliver where ever so enjoyable to giggle with. I'm glad I got to spend lots of time as we were lit and re-lit talking to my new friend, Sabrina who is a painter as well.

And of course, it's always a pleasure to share anything with my art star husband, Dan Barney. I think he actually had the most photos taken of his handsome face. I can't blame the crew, he is quite charming as well has lovely to look at. I find myself taking lots of pictures of him as well. Dan Barney and I are so lucky that we get to have so much fun together.
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