Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hmmm...what if painting this male figure opened up my subject matter and I started doing paintings beyond what I've done thus far? Comments?
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pax said...

I like this boy/man you painted! His eyes are lovely.

Adding males/men/boys into your work would be interesting. Personally, I think keep the female in the paintings if you do add the male, i.e. couples, or stereotypically feminine animals, birds, plants, flowers, etc. That's my take on it.

Emily said...

Is that Pee-tree you just painted? Boys, I'm with you in enthusiasm, not in action. I do love your constant exploration and pushing of boundries. You go girl.

Nicholas said...

Well, you know I'm a fan. I think it's only natural for an artist to paint everything around her.

Even if you choose not to portray males in the future, you're at least able to say, "Been there, done that," and move on to the next thing.

Without a doubt, I think the piece is a succuss and I look forward to seeing what comes from your brush next!

Laura A said...

I really like his hair, how the light hits it on the top right side, and how it flips around his ears.

He looks good. I know artists that can draw one gender very well, but struggle with the other. Your guy is very guy. That's cool.

He doesn't have the timeless quality to him that your women do. He looks trendy, hip, contemporary, so it isn't one I'd hang on my walls, but I'm interested to see what you do with men if you continue.

McPhie Family said...

I like your mainting. (man painting)

Niki said...

Hi Cassandra,
The young man in this painting shares a lot of features with the women you paint usually - his lips, eyes, sideways expression reminds me of your self-portraits.

The question is, would you paint men to be authentic to yourSelf, or because you feel that you "have" to paint men and expand your subject matter? Only do it if your gut feeling is calling out for it.

cassandra said...

I am thinking about all of the above comments, thanks for those. I've been designing paintings that I can work on as soon as I get my studio set back up. I'm not sure if I'll use male figures at this time or not. Interesting to think about why I would do that.


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