Monday, June 4, 2007


I started this painting over the weekend. The herons that we often see at the beach are mostly ash-grey. Ash-grey herons symbolize penance. Early Christians, believing that herons shed tears of blood under stress, made this bird an emblem of Christ's agony in the garden. I'm going to paint the rest of the painting as a floral garden. Symbolic? ...of course.
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I am said...

I like the painting as it is. The colours in the heron are fantastic, did you ad-lib them or are they from a source?

Nicholas said...

What a fantastic image! One of my favorite birds. I feel honored when blue herons walk the perimeter of our lake in the early mornings. Such graceful creatures.

Can't wait to see the finished piece!


cassandra said...

Thanks. There is something beautiful about an unfinished painting. With putting the figure and heron in a garden, I want to add to that symbol of suffering, something beautiful and growing.

I read also that that the heron and the crow sometimes make up the yin-yang which is interesting because, while I've had these herons around, I've also had this crow the last little while whom I really think is yelling at me from my balcony and makes me uncomfortable. So the heron is all calm and graceful and the crow squaks and yells to balance everything out...good and bad.

cassandra said...
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